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Hypnosis Myths and Misunderstandings

hypnotist debunks common myths about hypnosis


Thanks to the movies and television, many misconceptions exist about what hypnosis is and what it can and cannot do. Let me debunk some of those myths:

Will I lose control without knowing it?

No. I do not possess the power to control other persons’ minds. All that I do is guide you to a profound state of relaxation wherein therapeutic change can occur. All of your senses are present; you know are aware of everything.

Will I lose consciousness?

Television and Hollywood have promoted this misunderstanding. No you will not lose consciousness when you are in trance. In fact it is normal, natural, and correct that you hear everything I say.

Can I be made to do something against my will?

Hollywood films like The Manchurian Candidate would have you think so, but that’s nonsense. In hypnosis, you cannot be made to do anything against your will or your values. If the therapist were to give you a suggestion that was against your will or your values, then you would simply ignore it, or bring yourself out of trance.

Can I be stuck in trance?

No one has ever been stuck in trance. You can’t be stuck in trance any more than you can get stuck in a daydream. Were a client to not be emerged from trance, then all that would happen is that the client would fall asleep and awaken naturally.

Will I reveal my secrets?

Some people believe incorrectly that when in trance they can be forced to reveal secrets about themselves and others. This is not true. As a client you are aware of everything while you are in trance, and so this could not happen against your will. You can talk in trance, if necessary. You can fib just as easily.