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Portland hypnotherapy can help many conditions

Hypnotherapy can help which conditions?


From the earliest days of hypnosis when Anton Mesmer first practiced in Paris until now, the greats and everyday practitioners such as myself have consistently demonstrated the usefulness of hypnotherapy as an effective complementary health practice.

If a person’s attitude, expectations, beliefs, feelings, needs, or self-image factor in a way that his or her particular problem is experienced, then that problem can benefit from hypnotherapy.

Conditions and Issues which Hypnotherapy Helps

Clinical hypnotherapy has been found to be an effective complementary health modality in alleviating many health, performance, and personal conditions including, but not limited to those listed on the following table.

Common Complaints
Chronic Pain Quit Smoking * Stress *
Stuttering Insomnia Body/Mind Relaxation *
Weight Loss * Self-Hypnosis
Health Complaints
Allergies GI disorders Smoking cessation *
Arthritis Impotence Snoring
Bruxism (Teeth Grinding) IBS Sports injuries
Childbirth Krohns disease Tinnitus
Chronic fatigue Migraines Trichotillomania
Eczema Pain relief Ulcers
Fibromyalgia Skin diseases Warts
Unproductive Habits
Anger Nervous Habits Post-natal upset
Blushing Nervous Tics Premature ejaculation
Bruxism (Teeth grinding) Obsessions Procrastination
Enuresis (bed wetting) Oversleeping Shyness
Knuckle Popping Poor self-confidence Swearing
Nail biting Poor self-esteem Worry
Self-Improvement Areas
Assertiveness Expanding awareness Problem solving
Communication Goal achievement Public speaking *
Creativity Habit removal Sales motivation
Creative thinking Handling criticism Self hypnosis
Creative visualization Memory recall Self image
Creative writing Motivation to exercise Self improvement
Decision making Overcoming blockages Sports performance
Dream Interpretation Performance Stress reduction
Dream recall Positive thinking Team performance
Effective speaking Priority and goal setting  
Learning Abilities
Concentration Exam taking Reading faster
Study habits

* Topics above that were asterisked have their own special discussion pages. See the "Special Portland Hypnotherapy Programs" discussions below.

If you’re wondering whether hypnotherapy can help with a condition or issue that is not listed on the above table, please feel welcomed to inquire by email or phone and/or arrange a complimentary consultation.

Please note that the services which I provide are not a substitute for the assessment, or diagnosis, or treatment of mental and medical illness when such is needed, desired, or required. I do not assess, diagnose, treat, or prescribe any illness whether mental disorder or physical. Instead my work intends to promote the optimal functioning and personal growth of my clients.

Special Portland Hypnotherapy Programs

For the topics that were asterisked (*) in the above table, I have created special programs. For more information about these programs, just click below on the special topic discussion of your choice:

Stop Smoking Program

Weight Loss Program

Public Speaking Coaching and Hypnosis Program

Stress Management, Stress Relief Program