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Portland Public Speaking Hypnosis and Coaching Program


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The Fear of Public Speaking

If you’re afraid of public speaking, then you’re not alone. Not thousands, but billions of persons are afraid to speak up in public. For so many, the thought of speaking at a business meeting, giving a speech is terrifying.

Speaking in public is the most common fear; people fear it more than they fear death! That’s a researched fact.

You CAN Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking

I should know. I speak from my own personal experience. At one time I was phobic about speaking in public. However now I am an award-winning speaker who excels and delights at giving speeches, presentations, and workshops.

I have participated in an international Toastmasters International speech competition. I have won awards for both for speaking and also constructively evaluating and coaching others to speaking excellence. Yet in the past, I would tremble at the thought of standing up and speaking.

Just as I have overcome my fear of speaking in public, so too can you. I know what it takes to turn fear into confidence and excellence. I can teach you that confidence and excellence.

How do I coach to public speaking excellence?

In my Portland public speaking program, I coach clients to excellence and confidence using a two-fold approach:

Hypnosis training to develop your confidence in speaking

Practical skills coaching to deliver speeches and presentations with excellence

Not only am I an excellent presenter, but also I am a counselor and hypnotherapist. My background provides me a unique approach to training and coaching – one that combines both practical skill building with subjective attitudinal change. Not everyone who can coach public speaking can do so from the perspective of both an award-winning speaker and a hypnotherapist and counselor.

public speaking coaching mentoring

In each session, I teach you simple, straightforward speech and presentation skills. These skills cover such topics as speech organization, delivery tips, vocal variety, gestures, using the stage, using visuals, etc.

I also teach you physiological methods to transform fear into the energy that can make you a dynamic presenter. We practice these skills in session (ideally with a speech or presentation project upon which you are working).

Using hypnotherapy, I also work with you to reeducate the unconscious mind so that you overcome your fear. We use the mind to overcome the very fears which the mind itself created.

To enhance the effectiveness of your hypnotherapy work, I provide you with a CD recording of each hypnotherapy session. That way you can continue to benefit from and reinforce your developing confidence by listening to it in the convenience of your own home and on your own time. It’s as if you were having an hypnosis appointment with me every time you listen.