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Portland Weight Loss Hypnosis Program
Lose Weight Now & Keep it Off!

Hypnotherapy is One of the Most Powerful Ways to Lose Weight

Did you know that research proves hypnosis is a very effective method of weight loss?

For example, in January 2004, Dateline NBC aired a program wherein hypnosis proved to be very effective lose weight method.

A 1996 analysis of six prior research papers regarding the effectiveness of hypnosis concluded that hypnosis was indeed an effective way to lose weight.

Dr. Daniel Amen, thought to be “one of the most gifted minds in medicine” thinks quite highly of the role of hypnosis in weight loss:

Portland lose weight
“I’’ve found few things as immediately powerful as hypnosis to change behavior and help understand the emotional reasons for overeating.”

~ Dr. Daniel Amen

Hypnosis is such an effective way to lose weight that it is one of the most frequent reasons persons turn to hypnotherapy. In addition to the testimonials on the right, here are some of my other clients’ experience of losing weight with my Portland Hypnotherapy Weight Loss program.

My Clients Lose Weight – And You Can Too!

Would you like to lose weight like these following clients who have taken my weight loss hypnosis program? And see the testimonials below.

Middle-aged lady in 50s: As of Session 2, lost 5 lbs., Session 3: 0 lbs., Session 4: another 4 lbs., Session 5: Another 7 lbs. Her boss noticed her weight loss, and he became a client.

Middle-aged man in 50s: As of Session 2, 12 lbs (I have no idea how or why this man lost 12 lbs in one week… most likely some significant water loss). I don’t attribute it entirely to hypnosis. Session 3: 3 lbs., Session 4: another 2 lbs., Session 5: another 6 lbs.

Another middle-aged woman in 50s: As of Session 2, lost 5 lbs., Session 3: 5 lbs., Session 4: another 2 lbs., Session 5: Another 8 lbs. Her personal trainer noticed the difference, and requested business cards for referrals.

Another middle-aged man in 50s: As of Session 2, lost 0 lbs. (didn’t weigh himself), Session 3: 0lbs. (didn’t weigh himself),, Session 4: 22 lbs. (from his presumed start), Session 5: Another 9lbs.

A senior in his 60s lost 22 lbs by the end of his first month (3 sessions, note this rate of weight loss is unusual), 12 lbs in his second month, and in his third month, his doctor took him off his diabetes medicine! This client was so pleased with his progress, he referred 5 persons to me!

A Weight Loss Message from Michael

Some Testimonials from My Weight Loss Clients

  • “I feel for the first time in my life I’m in control. I love it.” ~ Ann W.
  • “I haven’t been feeling deprived. That’s the part that feels great.” ~ Susan B.
  • “It’s doing amazingly well.” ~ Jana M.
  • “I’m amazed that it is this easy.” ~ Suzanne M.
  • “This is working! I’m really encouraged by that.” ~ Pat M.
  • “It’s a positive experience in itself. And it’s getting me where I want to go.” ~ Dick S.

My Portland Lose Weight Program: Not a Diet, but a Lifestyle

lose weight Portland

How do you lose weight and keep it off for good? Not by dieting. As you may know, weight lost by dieting typically comes back on within two years. Moreover the entire tone of losing weight on a diet is one of deprivation.

My hypnosis program is NOT a diet. Instead, my weight loss program focuses upon your developing a healthy lifestyle supported by skills in relationship to food which help you to lose weight and keep weight off long after you’ve attained your ideal weight goal.

Food is a pleasure. I don’t ask you to deprive yourself of that legitimate pleasure. Instead, I teach you skills which create a lifestyle that also adds to your life the pleasures of health, fitness, energy, pride, and self-esteem.

Weight Loss Hypnosis Program Details

My program consists of an initial 2-hour session followed by hourly sessions meeting either every other week until you reach your weight goal. You can reasonably expect to lose 8 pounds per month.

How long will it take? It depends on how much weight you have to lose. Divide the amount you want to lose by 8, and that’s a rough idea of how many months we would work together meeting twice a month. Here are more details:

Initial 2-Hour Weight Loss Session

We meet at my near-downtown Portland office where there is convenient parking in the lot behind the building and on the street. Our first session is two hours long. It’s long, because there’s much that we do.

Have a 45-Minute Interview – I learn about you and your relationship to food. A person’s relationship to food is complex, often involving emotional issues, stress, family history, bad habits, etc. The interview helps me customize my weight loss program to you.

Set Weight Loss Goals – We set your healthy, overall weight loss goal and your initial 8-pound interim goal. The interim goals provide you with more immediate satisfaction and reinforcement to lose weight.

Assign Food Journal Worksheets – I provide you food journal worksheets with which you track only the food and times that you eat. You’re not counting calories or points. Keeping a journal helps you to keep your focus upon your goal to become more healthy, more fulfilled.

Discuss Hypnosis – I explain hypnosis and answer to your satisfaction any questions that you may have about hypnosis. After all, for most of us, hypnosis is a new experience.

Experience Your Initial Weight Loss Hypnosis Session – I hypnotize you, and we begin your weight loss hypnosis program. Typically the hypnosis session is 30 minutes. Afterwards, you’ll feel profoundly relaxed.

Create Your hypnosis CD – I will create a recording of your hypnosis session, and ask that you listen to it on a daily basis before our next session. Listening to the CD on in the comfort of your home gives you a daily hypnosis session that compounds the power of the work that we do in person.

Follow-Up Weight Loss Sessions

Follow-up weight loss sessions are 50-minutes long. They are scheduled every two weeks until you reach your overall weight goal. Here’s what we do in these sessions:

weight loss Portland

Record how much weight you have lost since our last session.

Assign a new interim goal, if you have met your interim 8-poung goal.

Review your food journal worksheets, and provide you with new ones.

Determine additional topics you would like me to include with the focus I have prepared for your hypnosis.

Create your hypnosis CD – I will create another recording of that session’s hypnosis session for you to listen to on a daily basis before your next session.

Finally I might also mention that you may be eligible to receive a 100% IRS Tax Credit for the cost of this hypnosis program. For further information click: IRS Tax Credit.

My Weight Loss Program is Compatible with All Other Diet Programs

Sometimes clients seek out my weight loss hypnosis program to complement their diet programs. For example, a woman participating in Weight Watchers might be curious about how hypnosis might support her efforts. Understandably, she might be concerned about whether hypnosis will detract in any way from her existing dietary efforts to lose weight.

Can hypnosis really improve her diet program’s results? Absolutely! Remember my program is not a diet. It works with any diet program you may be on.

If you are ready to lose weight, here’s how to begin…

Initial 2-hr Weight Loss Session

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Initial 2-hr Weight Loss Session
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